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Welcome to the SEM/IMAC Dynamic Substructuring Technical Division's web space.

In this space we will share ideas and data. Feel free to edit this page or other pages!


Main Pages

Contributors | Here is a list of the current contributors. Add information about what you are working on, etc.

Test Bed Information | Here is basic information on our test bed, the Ampair 600 Wind Turbine

Experiments | Here is a list of current and past experiments on the Ampair wind turbine test bed. |

Models | Here are models developed by contributors

Knowledge Base | This is a place to collect information that may be helpful to others in the substructuring community.

Knowledge Base (Including Tutorials on Substructuring)

Tutorials | See the tutorial page by clicking this link

Substructuring Papers in IMAC | List of all of the papers from IMAC proceedings in substructuring related sessions

Bibliography | Here is a list of links to conference and journal papers about dynamic substructuring, with space for notes from the authors.

Getting started

About the Focus Group

The Dynamic Substructuring Technical Division is a group of collaborating researchers who meet annually at the Society for Experimental Mechanics' International Modal Analysis Conference each year. The group is led by

This Wiki is maintained by Matt Allen's research group.

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